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Flying Fish Tour

Star of the Show

Catalina flying fish

 The Flying Fish you remember as kids have not left the island.  They still come, and some years they come in huge numbers. 

Light up the night

Catallac at Float 5 in Avalon Harbor

 The Catallac is equipped with 12 top water lights and 10 underwater lights to light up the night flyers. 

Family Fun

Catalina flying fish on board Catallac

Kids are not made to sit still in a seat, they need to move, and Catallac is perfect for allowing 360 degree views for all.  A great tour for families. 

Win A free Tee

A flying fish in the hands of a Catallac customer

Afishinados has the best Tees in town, and you can win one on our tour if you are lucky enough to get hit by a flying fish.  It happened 24 times last year. 

Why, When, Where?

A flying fish taking flight

 Learn the mysteries of the flying fish.  We will tell you why they come to Catalina Island, how they have developed and who eats them. 

Fun for all

The Catallac in Avalon Harbor

 Wheelchair accessible, wide decks, comfy cabin and a full walk-in head make the Catallac an easy choice for families to enjoy the best tour on the island. 

Flying Fish and More

A fun look inside the Flying Fish Tour at Catalina Island aboard the Catallac