Scheduled Tours

On scheduled tours you pick the tour you would like (most are 1 to 1.5 hours) and buy a seat (most are $45 - $50) to join others who have done the same.  Here are our most common scheduled tours:

Flying Fish Tours:  May thru September

The Flying Fish Tour is a fantastic opportunity to see these amazing creatures. These tours have been run for nearly 100 years and our new boat Catallac has been carrying on the tradition since 2012.  Top rated!

Happy Hour Cruises:  April thru October

So many visitors try to pack in too much to their stay.  We considered calling this our 'Do Nothing Tour" since it is designed for pure relaxation.  This is an adults-only cruise with nice music, great views and fun drinks.  Join us to meet new friends and simply do nothing for a while.

Ocean Wildlife Tours:  April thru October

This is a great family tour.  Get on the water and really see the island and all of its amazing wildlife.  Dolphin, whales, eagles, sea lions and sometimes even sharks.

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